Too late?

Might as well start off by being blatantly honest- I’m a creep/stalker. I cyber stalk guys to see what they’re up to and learn about them, but usually only before I plan to make a move. I wanna get a feel for who they are before I get into anything, y’know? With being said, I made a fake instagram in order to stalk my gym crush. Luckily, he approved my request so I was able to check out his pictures. The happiness disappeared though, just as fast as it emerged. I learned that he just graduated, and he isn’t from here so he could be moving back home (possible already did). And just like that, he broke my heart unintentionally and unknowingly.

This makes me so angry, I regret not having gone up to him when I had the chance. I mean I could message him on facebook now that I know who he is and tell him about how I planned on going up to him blah blah but I hate that shit. I’d rather initiate contact in person first. I feel like a pussy trying to get at someone behind a computer, especially since I’ve had plenty of chances before to go up to him. I don’t want him to think know I’m a creep. We’ve made eye contact in the gym before so I know for a fact he’s at least noticed me. That’s one plus, I’m not invisible.

What do you guys think? Would you be weirded out if you were in his position? I don’t know if I should just go for it. After all, this might be my last opportunity to do so. And I don’t have much to lose since I wouldn’t have to see him around campus anymore. There’s just something about him, he seems like such a genuine guy. My heart screams he’s boyfriend material. I just don’t know, I don’t fucking know. If you guys have any advice or comments, I’d love to hear it. Please help!

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